The Tocobaga Collection

Exclusively at Ulele

BBOriginalz is proud to be selling an exclusive jewelry line based on the native people of Tampa Bay, the Tocobaga, at Ulele in Tampa Heights.  

 1810 N Highland Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 

Tampa's Native People

The Tocobaga had great respect for the land and natural environment.  They lived sustainably, hunting only what they needed, and utilizing what remained, such as shells, bones and hide in their attire.  The Tocobaga collection is styled in a natural, aquatic, and rustic fashion.     

A Ūnique Gift

A piece from the Tocobaga collection is the perfect Florida souvenir, as it reflects a bit of history as well as comes from the hands of a Tampa-based designer.  For us locals, celebrate your city's heritage with a distinctive piece of jewelry.